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Bryan is not only an expert in every facet of canine behavior and training, but he is also a master of survival. A true motivator and dynamic speaker, Bryan brings energy and power to all of his live events. Bryan provides 1-2 day workshops on topics ranging from solving difficult canine behavior problems, to understanding and preventing canine aggression, to surviving in any environment.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS:                    Pick Bryan’s Brain!                     Saturday, February 24, 2018 – 9-11AM Bring your questions and join us for a fun filled and highly informative Q&A session that will leave you wanting more!


Bryan is a fascinating speaker with the uncanny ability to speak on a wide variety of topics ranging from canine behavior, to how to survive any situation. Bryan will engage your audience and keep them on the edge of their seats while inspiring them to think differently – your audience will thank you!

Speaking Topics To Move Your
Audience To Their Feet!

From Fur Babies to Fatalities

Dogs are not humans. Dogs are domesticated, social predators with jaws and claws and they use them to kill an average of 40 Americans per year, and injure 5 million others. Whether you own an aggressive dog or encounter one, knowing the cause of dog aggression and how to avoid it is crucial for the safety of you and your family.

Rescue Me From My Rescue!

Dog adoptions begin with noble intentions, but oftentimes, they turn into nightmares when the new dog begins attacking you, your children, and your other dogs. Learn what signs to look for and the questions to ask to avoid bringing a dangerous dog into your home. Also, learn how to get out of the situation safely, and humanely, while avoiding libelous pitfalls.

You Want to Drug My Dog?!?

Twenty percent of all dogs suffer from continual, unwarranted fears and phobias at levels that are deemed clinically maladaptive making conventional training ineffective and often dangerous. Learn how your safety and your dog’s quality of life can be restored by blending psychoactive medications with proven behavioral adjustment plans.


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Whether you have a small group or a large association, corporation or specific big event – Bryan will inspire your audience to think differently and be memorable long after the event is over.  From groups of 5 to 5,000, Bryan will inspire your audience and have them talking long after your event is over.



All speaking topics are customizable for content and time frames.  Other custom topics are available.  Please contact us to customize your experience.

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