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Why Dogs Attack and How to Prevent It

For thousands of years, dogs have established themselves in the homes and hearts of humans, coming to be viewed almost exclusively as loyal, friendly, and obedient… which is why it is often so alarming and unexpected to owners when a dog attacks.

What causes dogs to act aggressively, and how can it be avoided? 

In this captivating work of non-fiction, Bryan Bailey, whose credentials include over thirty-five years of both studying and teaching the influence of wolves over modern dogs, sheds light upon the instincts that trigger aggressive behavior- and what can be done to prevent it. 

Featuring both meticulously researched information and thrilling stories inspired by real-life victims, this unforgettable book offers the only resource you’ll need to learn to protect yourself from situations in which man’s best friend turns into man’s worst nightmare.



Each year these statistics grow. Understand canine aggression, and keep yourself,
your family and your friends from becoming a statistic.


Over 50% of all dog bite fatalities occur to the dog’s owner.

$530 Million

Dog bites account for one third of all homeowner insurance claims, costing Americans $530 million dollars annually.

7 Years Old

The age group most often bitten is 5-9 years old, the average age of 7.

Embracing The Wild In Your Dog Book™

“This book possibly saved the lives of one
or more of my family members.” – Wilson P.

Embracing the Wild in Your Dog

Bryan’s first book, Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, helps readers develop a deep understanding of the wolf instinct that still dominates our dog’s behavior and how activating and deactivating the natural impulses and mechanisms driven by that instinct will lead to the harmonious existence and the control we’ve always dreamed of.

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The Impenetrable Lie™

The Impenetrable Lie

Mental illness is a condition that we, as humans, are all too familiar with.  However, we’re not familiar with it being a condition that currently affects over 20% of all domestic dogs. Yet, it does, and that number is rising at a staggering rate with each passing year because of weakening genetic baselines, harmful environmental influences, inadequate imprinting, and socialization, AND improper treatment. With dogs, this condition creates a perpetual, unwarranted state of fear and anxiety that blurs the line between valid threats and non-threats, and friendly behavior and notfriendly behavior. It’s a very sad and dangerous condition that I call the impenetrable lie. A condition where anything and anyone can be construed as a threat to the dog’s well-being and anything you do to convince the stricken dog otherwise is considered a lie. As a consequence, no matter how much time, energy, and money is put into obedience training or desensitization programs, the lie remains impenetrable unless a two dimensional approach that involves blending psychoactive medications with a deactivation training program tailored for the dog’s specific condition is used.

This condition among dogs is the new reality for anyone involved in training, rescuing, or rehabilitating maladaptive dogs. Knowing how to treat the condition is the crucial first step in saving their lives.