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Watchful Walter

The 2 am chiming of the handmade Freiburg Grandfather Clock, whose presence overwhelmed the small dining room where it rested, temporarily drowned out the click,

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Neck to Neck

There are many stumbling blocks that average dog owners encounter on their way to achieving manageable and peaceful coexistence with their dogs. Limitations in time,

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Patience is a virtue long lost to the average American. In an era in which everything we want to know can be gained as quickly

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Trust or Acceptance?

Ranger, my seven-year-old, male, Alaskan sled dog, is lying on the frozen ground chewing a stick when Scarlett, a new twelve-week-old female pup, cautiously noses

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Willow the Wallflower

“Willow, come play!” Willow winced as she pressed her hind end as hard as she could against the rusty chainlink fence that surrounded the two-acre

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